Why Ripple Delete is so awesome

Speed up your Adobe Premiere Pro editing process with Ripple Delete.
It deletes any clip while the subsequent clips stay in sequence, also filling in the leftover space.

‘Regular’ Delete

In Premiere, selecting a clip on the timeline timeline and pressing ‘Delete’ is the fastest way to delete something, but it will leave a gap in the timeline.

You could also hold the Alt key to select and delete an audio track and leave only corresponding video on the timeline. But if you want to move everything over automatically and fill in the gaps, you’ll need to use Ripple Delete.

How to use Ripple Delete in Premiere Pro

In your Premiere project timeline, locate the clip(s) that you wish to delete. Click on an individual clip to select it, or to select multiple clips: Click and drag the mouse to create a lasso around your selection.

Then, hold down Shift and press the Delete key to Ripple Delete. The remaining clips will slide over and fill in the empty space.

Alternatively, You can select clip(s), right-click and choose “Ripple Delete” from the list, This will have the same result.

Rarther see a video?

Edit a lot faster with Ripple Delete in Premiere Pro